e Safety (A03)

Pupils and teachers will create a European survey and videos about the use of Internet and the use of social network.

General Description

There is a shared concern of governments in many countries in Europe about the dangers that young people may face when they use electronic devices, and especially when they use the Internet and social networks without the close supervision of an adult.
Nowadays even very young children have lots of opportunities to use these tools even from their telephone. 

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Age Group

10 - 16



Aims And Objectives

During the three years of the project the teachers and the pupils will create a European survey and videos  about the use of Internet and social network and about the dangers on Internet.

The European survey will use to know the practices of young people in Europe about the uses of the Internet and particularly on the social network. Through the number of pupils involve in the activity during three years the survey will be a representative sample of the young practices;

The pupils at the end of the activity will create and exchange small clips-video of prevention in English and mother tongues.


Lesson Plan

French work plan 2014-2015 :

- French lesson plan 1 to 4

Spanish work plan 2016-2017 :

- A3_ Lesson plan Lecture on prevention_2017_SP

- A3 Lesson plan Lecture on safety in the web_2017_SP

 -A3_Lesson plan Video of good use of mobile phones_SP

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