Democracy and Capitalism (A09)

European values and national ones

General Description

Democracy plays an important role in all European curricula. After the crisis of 2008 a lot of people have noticed that democratic states depend a lot on a working capitalistic system. How dependent are we?

Age Group

13 - 16



Aims And Objectives


In this activity, students and teachers from the two countries, studied together focusing on different aspects of democracy (fundamental elements, citizenship, tolerance, moral principles, properties, institutions) and capitalism (from Marx's vision reported in today's society) in Europe.


The activity started with a communication exchange by email, sending a brief history of democracy in Europe (Romania and Germany) as well as short histories of capitalism in Europe.

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Lesson Plan

German work plan 2014-2015 :

Lesson plan in German for a project "Democracy and Capitalism"


Here you can find a link to the evaluation of the project.



  • History
  • Citizenship

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