Podcast: webradio (A11)

The work on podcasts must lead to the creation of a real web radio between the two schools at the end of the period.

General Description

Several podcasts will be produced jointly by the pupils in each country. These podcasts will integrate 13 different topics of the curricula. We will work with these general topics of ordinary life: famous people, contemporary events, the music that students like, traditional food in  our regions, the students' hobbies, the family, traditional houses in "landes" region and Valencia region, ordinary life at school, passion for rugby in Landes region and for football in Valencia region, life in town versus life in the countryside, the main cultural and traditional events of our regions, the fight against pollution, recorded songs in Spanish and French, oral recorded tales.

The groups will start working end 2014: teachers and pupils will learn the guidelines to make a radio program and the instructions to upload podcasts. In May 2016 5 Spanish students will come in France for the first meeting.

In 2016 a webradio will be created to upload the works of the pupils.

In May 2017 there will be a meeting in Spain where 1 teacher and 4 pupils will travel to Alicante.

In the meeting in Alicante there will be a festival in which all the podcasts will be shown to all the pupils in the Spanish school.  All the participants will have the opportunity to talk about their productions, what they have learned in the project, the changes they have experienced thanks to the project. The team will try to do a live show.

Age Group

13 - 16



Aims And Objectives

The main aims

  • The main aim of this project is the construction of a web site in order to create a radio web.
  • With this project we intend to improve the oral expression of our students in French and Spanish.
  • To work with a methodology of projects with final tasks to be shared with other students
  • To contact with other students.
  • To focus in the conscience of the self image on the internet
  • To approach the contacts between Spanish and French students, families and schools
  • This project will help students to improve their capacity to initiate and sustain conversations on general topic targeting in democratic values.
  • Students will exercise their ability to observe and understand the points of view related to the different cultural contexts.
  • Students will be placed in new situation of decision-making; they will compare and analyze the various aspects of intercultural perspectives of European way of life.
  • Students will develop a sense of pride for the national and European values.
  • By participating in a mobility, the teacher will develop the professional skill necessary to sustain relevant courses.
  • Teachers will develop   speech skills (academically, socially and personally).
  •  All participants will improve their communication skills in languages.     

Lesson Plan

You will find all the podcasts created in the EUROPEAN CLASSROOM WEBRADIO.

In "Ressources" you'll find only some examples by year.

- General French work plan 2014-2017

French work plan 2014-2015

- Lesson plan 2014-2015

French work plan 2016-2017

- Lesson plan 2016-2017


Spanish work plan 2014-2015

- Lesson plan video 2014-2015

- Lesson plan Podcasts  2014-2015

Spanish work plan 2015-2016

 - Lesson plan video Alicante

- Lesson plan video OUR SCHOOL

Spanish work plan 2016-2017

- Lesson plan video PERFORMANCE

- Lesson plan videos LEGENDS

- Didactic programme of mobility in Alicante



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