Sustainable development - Waste (A14)

General Description

 Themes and Topics:

- The concept of "sustainable development"

- Debate on the topic

- Study of the approach of the concept in our countries

- Publishing posters, brochures, leaflets and flyers about sustainable development

- Campaign to promote this concept in English and French

- Design and implementation of a backyard composter

-  Making objects from recyclable materials

- Students and teachers will decide together about the main themes and they will establish their responsibilities (eg. the right way of documentation about the approached themes, the purchase of needed materials and their selection, their effective using in order to obtain useful products)

- Students will inform about the concept of “sustainable development, will notice the information and they will debate in small groups this subject 

- Students will realize posters which will illustrate the key-concepts of this theme and little brochures, leaflets and flyers to promote sustainable development in their community, to make people aware about the importance of this concept

- Students will organize public events about the importance of a healthy feeding (eg. by collaborating with a local association for a street survey)

- Students will initiate an advertizing campaign for this concept in English and French and then they will publish it on different sites (eg. school sites, community sites, national sites)

- Students will design and build a backyard composter, useful for reduce wasting and recycling materials

- Students will make different useful products from recyclable materials, to make people aware about reducing waste in order to protect the environment 

Age Group




Aims And Objectives

During the three years of the activity the collaboration between teachers and between students will lead of several outcomes.

- posters, little brochures, leaflets, and flyers to promote and inform about sustainable development.

- In the same order, public events inside and outside the schools (by collaborating with local associations) to inform about healthy food.

- At the end of the activity, the students will design and build a backyard composter and make different useful products from recyclable materials.

Lesson Plan

French work plans:

- French lesson plans (for three years) zip

Romanian work plans:

1. Lesson plan: "Environmental education"

2. Lesson plan: "Let’s protect the environment!"

3. Lesson plan: "Selective waste"

4. Lesson plan: "What ECO means?"

5. Lesson plan: "We are what we eat"

6. Lesson plan: „Recyclable waste around us”

7. Lesson plan: "How to make useful items from recycled materials”

8. Lesson plan: "Compost and its use in household"

9. Lesson plan: "Let's eat bio!"

10. Lesson plan: "How to live a healthy life"


Here you can find links with the evaluations of the subproject :

- during mobilities

- in the activities






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