Real Life Situations (A19)

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world" - Ludwig Wittgenstein

General Description


The aim of the project is to make young learners aware of the importance of learning English. The project shows the necessity of acquiring the language while facing real life situations that are possible and very probable to happen for every young European citizen travelling abroad.

Teenagers from three different European countries (France, Poland and Romania) cooperated together to prepare scenarios, record videos and create sets of exercises which aim to be the educational base of ready-to-use lessons for other teachers and learners of English to make the process of teaching and learning easier, faster and more successful.

Age Group

11 - 16



Aims And Objectives

The goal is to engage students in the process of learning the language through role-playing and interaction. creating scenarios, acting and making the videos.

Students from three different countries use various internet tools (eTwinning, Moodle, Facebook, Skype) and computer programmes to communicate and prepare the common work. 

During the meetings they create:

1. writing scenarios (Poland, 2015)

2. recording the videos (Romania, 2016)

3. producing the sets of exercises (France, 2017)

Being a part of international project make the students feel more self- confident European citizens. They learn how to react in a natural way in everyday-life situations using foreign languages.

The variety of tasks to prepare for the project gives the possibility to engage students to use different languages on different educational levels. Both students and teachers will share their tasks responsibilities to create the final products: e-book, website and teaching materials

Lesson Plan

First year

- A19 Lesson plan scenarios (2014-2015)

Second year

A19 Lesson plan videos (2015-2016)

Third year 

A19 Lesson plan exercises (2016-2017)

Romanian lesson plans:

1. Lesson plan: "Making Romanian traditional March amulets or trinkets called MARTISOARE"

2. Lesson plan: "My hobbies"

3. Lesson plan: "Safety on social networks"

4. Lesson plan: "A regular day of my life" (The daily schedule of students)

French lesson plans

Lesson plans 2014-2017


Real Life Situations meetings' programmes:

Meeting Programme Poland May 2015


Here you can find a link to the evaluation of the sub project.





  • Citizenship
  • Culture
  • Mother Tongue
  • English

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