Long Mobility (A01)

Long mobility of pupils between Spain and France (three months minimum).

General Description

Each year some French pupils will spend three months (90 days) in the Spanish school and the same number of Spanish pupils will spend three months (90 days) in the French school. They will experience directly some of the activities of the project referring to common European curricula or joint work to develop parts of the curricula.

For the first year two French and Spanish pupils will participate at this long mobility.

The second year and the third year, four french and Spanish pupils will participate each year.

Age Group

14 - 17



Aims And Objectives

The pupils who participate in three months mobility will have the opportunity to live and attend school in a foreign country in the same conditions as local pupils. They will have a privileged perspective to compare and contrast both systems of education and experience the way their teachers are implementing some of the activities of this project. They will also have the opportunity to improve their social, learning and linguistic skills, gaining mastery in the foreign language (French or Spanish).

Through the direct and daily contact with these foreign pupils the teachers may develop a new approach of curricula, since they will have to adjust the content of their subjects to meet the needs of their pupils who will be three months abroad and the needs of the foreign pupils who will be three months in their classes.

Lesson Plan

For this project there is no lesson plan. Look in ressources please.


During the mobility, the students have tutors in each school. These adults referent are responsible of the stay and of the evaluation of the pupils. The tutors have created some tools to follow and evaluate the long mobility of the pupils.

Resources to use :

- Questionnaire after one month students 

- Questionnaire two months students 

- Questionnaire one month host family

- Questionnaire two months host family

- Questionnaire one month teachers





  • Organization
  • Citizenship

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