Everyday Lesson History

Aims and objectives for every day lesson, what’s your favorite picture in your history book ?

This is a very nice and small project which you can do in every history lesson. It won’t take much time to do, although you can enlarge this project easily.

This project aims to know more about history books in different countries. Students learn more about the content as well as the appearance of history books all over Europe.

You can do this in all grades and levels of a secondary school. In this case the history books of a Polish and a Dutch school are compared. The competition element made this project even more attractive.

You can do the project with other subjects as well.



Polish presentation                     Dutch Presention

Instructionvideo for project managers.

Here is the video that shows you how to edit project and how to link to resources.

Competences and tasks in the project 

Coordination - establish and monitor links between partners.
Preparation and organisation of coordination final meeting May 2017.


Monitor etwinning activities between countries as a communication platform provide a platform where  teachers can plan, organize and evaluate their activities (e.g. lessons or project work).


ICT work on webdesign and development, maintenance of the website, e-book, app and forum (intellectual output).


Preparation and organisation of coordination meeting September 2016.


Administer Google apps calendar; creation  of a standardised form for planning and evaluation of lessons.


Preparation and organisation of coordination meeting  October 2014, and mobilities for Secondary school pupils.


Preparation and organisation of coordination meeting October 2015.


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